GAC R&D Center is established in 2006. As the technical management division and the pivot R&D system for GAC group, GAC R&D Center is responsible for GAC‘s strategic planning, implementation of new technology and new products R&D, which is an independently operated branch within authorized scope.

GAC R&D Center has built up 15 different kinds of R&D labs including vehicle test, PWT test, New energy vehicle test, 1 prototyping plant including welding, painting, assembling, machining, and 1 proving ground. The current R&D facilities are in leading level in China and advanced around the world.

-R&D Investment-

adhere to self-owned brand development for 10 years, invested 19.4 billion in total till 2017 end. over 20 billion will be invested during the 13th Five Year Period.

-R&D Employees-

over 3,500 R&D employees. Dozens of them are entitled as “Global Experts of China Recruitment Program”, “Excellent Technological Talents of China's Auto Industry”, “Introduced Leading Talents of Guangdong”.


rapid increase in patent Number., with in total 2600 patent applications (1680 granted), among which 30% are patents for innovation.

-Innovation Platform-

National Certified Enterprise Technology Center, Innovative and Venture Base for Overseas Top Talents , Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation, Academician Workstation ,etc.

Development Strategies for Future

The vision of GAC R&D Center is to achieve a domestic leading and international advanced automotive R&D level, be able to compete with international institutions. During 13th-Five-Year-Plan, complete development of 20 to 30 models covering the range of A0/A/B/C/New Energy, assist GAC self-owned brand to realize 1 million sales volume by 2020 and make it a world-class Chinese auto brand.

Product Development:Based on GAC Cross-Platform Modular Architecture (G-CPMA) Strategy (won the 1st prize of Automobile Technology Progress Award ), GAC R&D Center insists on original design and adheres to the customer-oriented direction. A relatively complete development process has been formed for vehicle(traditional vehicle & new energy vehicle), components and key technologies, with a top ranking of R&D capacity among self-owned brands. Till now, 18models have been developed and launched based on the two platforms.

Technology Innovation :Put forward “2 priorities” (platform development and technology development) which outlines the breakthrough direction of “electrification,intelligence, light-weight and interaction”, focusing on implementation of “two-five-ten” technology innovation strategy and targeting on shifting from a follower to a change leader.

Corporate Strategies for Talents

Attract talents via a platform of respecting innovation, advocating teamwork and emphasizing high efficiency to realize the mutual development.。

1) Set up the organization atmosphere which is respecting people and innovation, advocating teamwork and emphasizing high efficiency

2) Competitive salary

3) Incentive plan for outstanding contributors

4) Full-scale welfare system, all-around family benefits package:

a) Provide medical insurance for spouse and children, education allowance for children, etc.

b) Job proposal for spouse

c) Paid annual leave and family leave

5) Proactively apply for “Talents Certificates” and awards for people of all levels: “Global Experts of China Recruitment Program”, “Introduced Leading Talents of Guangdong”, “”Innovation Leading Talents of Guangzhou”, etc.

6) Provide Talents Green Card of Guangzhou

7) A career development journey which can enjoy the unique charm of Chinese culture

Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “GAC Motor”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. As a national high-tech enterprise established on July 21, 2008, GAC Motor is devoted to the production and sales of world-class vehicles, engines, auto parts and car accessories as well as R&D of automobile engineering technology. At present, GAC Motor sets up 4 plants in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Yichang and Xinjiang in China, with over 16,000 employees.


GAC Motor believes if everyone dares to pursue greatness, the world would be a better place.


Building a world-class brand and a global company

-Industrial Leader-

Rapid Growth: GAC Motor has reached the sales volume of over 500,000 vehicles in 2017 from 17,000 in 2011. The development speed is among the best for Chinese brands. From Jan.-Aug. 2018, the company sold over 350,000 vehicles, which increases 6.4% year-on-year

-Global Player-

Globalized Perspective: GAC Motor has been seeking to integrate the best resources from around the world, adhering to international standards.

Global Layout: GAC Motor has established its presence in 15 countries worldwide, initially building its global sales network and service system. It has established GAC Motor Russian subsidiary, and will set up Hong Kong trading center as well as North America sales company.

Development Strategies for Future

In November 2015, GAC Group proposed an overall development strategy for the following 5 years, namely the “1513” strategy. During the “1513” period, GAC Group will strive to achieve significant developments of its self-owned brands with a combined effort, so as to create major breakthroughs in electrification, internationalization and networking.

-Looking Ahead-

Focusing Fields: Branding, Marketing, Customer Service, Quality Control.

Economic Zones: Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Talent Strategy

GAC Motor ensures that employees are the most precious resources for the company development, so as to achieve “win-win” solution for both the staff and the company. It helps the company establish a modern and customized HR management system with consecutive innovation.

Beliefs: Humanity, Credibility, Creativity

HR Strategy: Training talents as making cars, both raise up the company.

Recruiting Strategy: Recruiting worldwide.

-Salary and Incentive-

GAC Motor strives to build a comprehensive compensation management system that is competitive and fair, and a “multi-level and fully rounded” incentive system.

-Talent Training System-

GAC Motor cultivates “four types of talent team” in regard to talent training, oriented by building a learning organization

Multiple Training Modes: OJT, Off-JT, SDP and Tutorial System.

Talent Training Brands: “GAC Motor Auditorium”, “GAC Production System”, “Innovation GAC”, “GAC New Staff Camp”, etc.

-Career Development-

Promotion Path: “Two Highways” – Management and Qualification. Dare to promote young talents.

GAC Intelligent and Network New Energy Automobile Industrial Park

According to the "Made in China 2025" plan and "automobile industry long-term development plan", the automotive industry is undergoing profound changes, the intelligent network of new energy vehicles have been promoted to the national strategic level, the automobile industry represents the development direction of future. On April 27th, 2017, GAC's Industrial Park for Intelligent & Connected New Energy Vehicle was formally founded, covering an area of 7500 acres, with planning of a total investment of over 45 billion. The park takes GAC Intelligent and Network New Energy Automobile vehicle factory as the leader, and gathers the global outstanding talented person, to build it the world's new energy car "Silicon Valley". GAC Intelligent and Network New Energy Automobile Industrial Park is an important measure for Guangzhou and Guangdong auto industry to preempt the layout of the new energy automobile industry in the future, which plays an exemplary role in China's new energy automobile industry.

Company Briefingk

GAC New Energy Automobile Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "GAC NE") was registered on July 28, 2017. It is the core carrier of the new energy automobile enterprise of GAC Group (the world's top 500 A / H shares) and is located in Panyu District of Guangzhou City. With the persistence and innovation of EV power dream, GAC NE is carrying out the great desire of China's automobile to "change track overtaking". Mastering core car-making technologies,adhering to vehicle original design and adopting the battery electric vehicle(BEV) platform,GAC NE is committed to become a world leading and trustworthy value creator of green and intelligent mobility. The new plant is located in GAC's new energy automotive industrial park, and will have an initial investment of 4.7 billion yuan, with a planned capacity of 200,000 vehicles per year, with space set for expansion to 400,000 per year. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.In 2019, two more brand-new car models will come out in the new factory with a range reaching up to 500-600 km. Based on the market demand, GAC NE will launch at least two battery electric vehicles every year, completely covering A level to C level markets.

Development strategies for Future

Looking into the future, GAC NE will adhere to GAC Group’s slogan of “Creativity defines our future” and unswervingly promote the “digitalizaiton, electrification, connectivity and sharing” of automotive industry, aiming for an annual sales of 500,000 to 600,000 by 2025 so as to be a model for Made in China 2025.

Enterprise talent strategy

-Corporate Culture -

Corporate Vision: To be a world leading and trustworthy value creator of green and intelligent mobility.

Corporate Value: Humanity,Credibility,Creativity .

Human resources management concept: Car Building and Staff Education, Co-creation and Sharing.

Talent and innovation are the primary resource and motivation. According to the “electrification, Intelligence, networking, sharing”, the automotive industry is transforming from electromechanical product to collection of new technologies. As intelligent networked cars are rapidly becoming the "key battleground" of automotive technologies, automotive talent has also been redefined. Battery, electric motor and control technology, aluminum alloy materials, intelligent driving and other outstanding talents will play a key role.

-Incentive system-

We provide competitive salary, build a salary system with fairness and sustainable growth. We enable employees and companies to share development achievements.

Our company has already established a reasonable performance management system, which connects personal performance with salary. According to annual career performance, year-end bonus will be paid annually.

Our company has established a “multi-level, all-round” welfare system and a number of employee benefits, such as: supplementary medical insurance, free work meals, shuttle buses, health examinations, "food festival", birthday gifts, holiday money, etc.

-Talent training / Career development-

GAC NE aims to construct the learning and innovative enterprise and to build up its own talents training institute, and taking good advantage of the resources of “GAC Group University” in the industrial park and making efforts to develop the level-to-level diverse talents training scheme of OJD, OFF-JD and SDP. For the graduates, the Group sets up “GAC new energy elite training camp”, and carries out “supervisor system” to help their rapid growth.

The company launches “GAC IGA innovation” (QC, Improvement Proposals) and other activities to evaluate and award employees and give them a chance to present themselves.

GAC NE innovatively sets up “3 runways” (management, professional skills and operation) to develop employee's career path and builds up just, fair and open system. We encourage and select young leaders so that the excellent employees can be recognized, developed and inspired timely.

-Staff Care-

GAC Group and group partners invested 10.8 billion yuan in constructing the “Automobile Town” in its intelligent new energy industrial park, covering an area of 348 acres. The area will be a livable town which offer one-stop service of “exhibition, conference, shopping, education, medical care, entertainment, health and relaxation” for top, refined and innovative intellectuals and talents for technology and scientific research, and a social connected town for “people who share car culture”.

Pay attention to "new energy of Guangzhou steam"

GAC Component Co., Ltd. (GAC Component) was established on August 28, 2000. In 2017, GAC Component witnessed 37.5 billion RMB in its sales revenue, with employees reaching 18,000 headcounts and its ranking elevated to 29th on the list of Top 500 Chinese Machinery Enterprise.

Since its inception, GAC Component has incorporated 41 invested enterprises in the form of joint venture and fully-independent operation, most of which surround the OEM manufacturing bases situated in the such areas as Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and middle China. Its partners, which are component enterprises with great reputation home and abroad, includes Denso, Tokyo Seating, Toyota Boshoku, Bridgestone, Showa, Choi Seki, Adient, Fiat Group, Magna, Tongyang, HAPM and Asia Pacific Group. It has already built up product lineups made up of 5 major systems, namely, interior and exterior, chassis, powertrain, lighting and electronic, which are supplied to OEMs like GAC Motor, GAC Honda, GAC Toyota, GAC Fiat-Chrysler, GAC-Mitsubishi, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Nissan and etc.

GAC Component has been striving relentlessly to enhance its independent research capability and build its core competitiveness. Its technology center boasts a team of over 120 R&D talents as well as its R&D and test abilities for seating, micro motor, start-stop motor, gear shift and electronic control unit with seating lab and motor lab already in service.

Looking ahead, staying committed to its vision “Striving for an Excellent Auto Component Company”, GAC Component will take up a global vision while plowing deep into Chinese market and make its best to achieve the strategic goal of system design, synchronize development, module delivery and global supply

Development Strategies for Future

Since it was enrolled for China Machinery Top 500 in 2007, GAC Component has been witnessing constant elevation of its industry status, ranking No. 29 among Chinese Machinery Top 500 in terms of competitiveness in 2017. Looking ahead, upholding its goal of Striving to be an Excellent Auto Parts Company and adhering to the core value of Independence, Foresight, Integrity and Win-win, GAC Component will base itself on China with global vision, commit itself to achieve the strategic goal of system design, synchronized development, modular supply and worldwide supply and enhance its core competitiveness in all dimensions.

Corporate Strategies for Talents

-Strategic Positioning-

GAC Component will make the best of the new opportunities and platform arising from GAC Group’s own brand development, absorb senior technology talents and build up its high ground of talents. To match up with the strategic positioning set forth by GAC Group, GAC Component will explore new channels to absorb and integrate overseas talents, give prominence to talent pooling throughout its endeavor of going global, gather talents to secure company’s current and future development, and improve GAC Component’s overall capabilities in operation, R&D and business development.

-Policies for Talent Management, Attraction and Motivation-

-Compensation& Benefits-

GAC Component has put in place a scientific and reasonable compensation system, and offers its employees competitive salary and treatment. To ensure a good living standard and quality for its employees, GAC Component has a diversified employee benefit package which consists of pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance, maternal insurance and housing provident fund; in addition to the statutory insurance and benefits, GAC Component provides extra benefits such as employee complementary medical insurance, corporate annuity, subsidies on festival celebration, commuting and summer heat, birthday greeting fund and annual body-check.

-Employee training-

to fulfil the corporate core value of Independence, Integrity, Foresight and Win-win by setting up a study-driven organization that accommodates to company’s development and effectively improves its employees’ profession quality and skill, GAC Component has put in place a well-established training system, an internal lecturer system as well as specific training course for various types of professions, supporting and encouraging employees to relentlessly improve their qualifications.

-Promotion channel-

A multi-channel promotional mechanism has been set up to offer diversified promotional pathways for talents. A qualification-oriented promotion mechanism has been formed to provide employees with a spacious path to their career development and a fair and just climate to grow.

Guangzhou Automobile Group Business Co., Ltd. (short for GAC Business), founded in February, 2002, with registered capital of 3.24 billion RMB and total capital of 23 billion, is a fully-invested subsidiary company of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd. (short for GAC Group),. GAC Business is the main business service segment of GAC in the commerce and trade. In line with the corporate philosophy of Humanity, Credibility, Creativity, while encompassing upstream and downstream of the automobile industry with the company development strategy, GAC Business concentrates on automobile sales and after-market services, logistics distribution services, international business development and supporting services.

GAC Business is a leading automobile solution provider to establish- the first -Auto 4S dealers in China, CHAC NO.1 Dealer. Since then, GAC Business has been developing to be the brand model dealers for whole series passenger automobiles of GAC Group. With extensions to top brands such as Lexus and Acura, the GAC Business has an automobile sales and service system with 81 dealers all over China. With the development in the automobile industry and value added service, GAC Business combines with research & development, vehicle and component sectors with logistics distribution and production support, which shows the advantages in the auto aftermarket, such as finance lease, travel service, auto consumables, used-car trading services, auto professional training, etc. In the meantime, GAC Business has made a great effort in the international trading business, such as automobile overseas sales and parallel import, and import and export of commodities and services. Today, GAC Business has become a large comprehensive state-owned trade business with auto trade and service as its major business, accompanied with multiple investments. With 103 subsidiaries and a workforce of over 13,000 employees, GAC Business's revenue reached CNY 300 billion in 2017.

Development Strategies for Future

With the development in the automobile industry and value added service, GAC Business combines with research & development, vehicle and component sectors with logistics distribution and production support, which shows the advantages in the auto aftermarket, such as finance lease, travel service, auto consumables, used-car trading services, auto professional training, etc. In the meantime, GAC Business has made a great effort in the international trading business, such as automobile overseas sales and parallel import, and import and export of commodities and services. Today, GAC Business has become a large comprehensive state-owned trade business with auto trade and service as its major business, accompanied with multiple investments. With 103 subsidiaries and a workforce of over 13,000 employees, GAC Business's revenue reached CNY 300 billion in 2017.GAC Business has made “1234”strategic plan and will continue its course towards its strategic target of becoming an Integrated International Business Services Group. GAC Business plans to achieve revenue of 43 billion (challenge goal of 64.6 billion), operation of over 200 automobile showrooms and incubation 1 to 3 platform of company listed in stock exchange by 2020.

Corporate Strategies for Talents

-Salary and Welfare-

-Employee training-

-Profession Development-

management position development

technical position development

Urtrust Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Urtrust”) is a professional automobile insurance company initiated by Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., a Fortune Global 500 company, and other large corporations in 2011 with the registered capital of RMB 1.5 billion.

With excellent performance and good strength, Urtrust is the first professional automobile insurance company listed in the NEEQ market (Code: 835987).

Adhering to the “Customer First, Sharing and Win-Win” business philosophy, Urtrust takes customers’ needs as guidance, makes deep studies of market segmentation and focuses on private car owners.

With a concentration of lowing risk occurring probability and reducing loss amount when a loss occurs, Urtrust makes full use of the advantages of advanced technology to provide the most precise risk management services for customers by identifying risk factors during car use from driver, vehicle and environmental aspects.

Looking ahead, Urtrust will provide customers with "Trust•Professionalism" brand experience, strive to become a "trustworthy and professional auto insurance company" and protect customers safe from the storm during car use.

Enterprise Vision: To become the most trustworthy insurance services and risk management provider, making life around cars better.

Development Strategies for Future

Urtrust Insurance was the first professional auto insurance company founded by an automobile group in China, and also was the first professional auto insurance company listed in the NEEQ market.

Since opening for business, Urtrust’s business scale has grown steadily with the aggregated premium income from 2011 to 2017 exceeding 5.6 billion yuan, the ever-increasing service networks which have been expanded to South China, East China, Central China, and the South East area, and a customer base over 0.96 million.

Urtrust’s future development consists of three stages:

The first stage is to start as an professional auto insurance company, providing car users with risk transfer services to reduce their costs during car use, and also offering risk prevention and management services to the automotive industry chain.

The second stage is to expand the scope of business to life insurance, providing car owners with comprehensive insurance services, such as auto insurance, property insurance, life insurance and risk consulting.

The third stage is integrated operation stage, providing car users (car owners and people related) with integrated financial and insurance services, such as insurance, risk management, asset management, investment portfolio management.

Corporate Strategies for Talents

As a national professional auto insurance company with the automotive industry background, Urtrust has been adhering to the “people-oriented” concept, stuck to the “mechanism attracts, training improves, atmosphere encourages, environment keeps” human resources philosophy and is devoted to offer employees with comprehensive benefit plans and the place to grow.

Our company treasures the talented and attaches importance to the advanced managerial expertise of international insurance companies and the introduction of talents. We provide our most talented personnel with a complete set of competitive salary & benefits, and a platform for them to fully demonstrate their competence.

We offer an above market average salary. The benefit package for foreign insurance talents includes a family allowance, coverage of traveling expenses for family visits, commercial accident and medical insurance, housing subsidy, company car, and medical checkups, besides China's legal social insurance & housing accumulation fund.

In terms of career development, the company offers management positions and the authority for foreign insurance talents, serving as a platform for them to realize their value, and grow with the company sharing the fruits of business development (such as employee stock ownership).

In order to introduce talents, the company proactively applies for "talent qualification," and honors the schemes of national, provincial, and local levels. An example is the "The Pearl River Talent Recruitment Program," of Guangdong Province, "Innovative Leading Talents," of Guangzhou, and "High-Level Financial Talent," of Guangzhou, bringing more opportunities for these introduced talents to demonstrate their talents in a broader range of fields.

Established in 2010 and headquartered in Guangzhou, GAC-Sofinco Automobile Finance Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as GAC-Sofinco) is a joint venture between Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and Credit Agricole Consumer Finance under France’s largest bank, Credit Agricole Group. It is currently the first and only automotive finance company under the jurisdiction of the Guangdong Banking Regulatory Commission. As a professional automotive finance company, GAC-Sofinco is committed to providing high-quality automotive financial services to dealerships and end customers.

Established in 2005, the Chinese shareholder Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. is ranked among the world's top 500 companies. It is a large state-controlled shareholding enterprise. As one of the leading enterprises in the Guangdong automobile industry, it has been ranked first in competitiveness among Guangdong's large-scale enterprises for many years consecutively.

Established in 1951 and headquartered in Paris, the French shareholder Credit Agricole Consumer Finance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fortune 500 Credit Agricole Group. It specializes in personal credit and has more than 65 years of automotive finance experience. With global presence, it is a strategic partner of many famous automobile manufacturers all over the world.

-Corporate Culture-

Culture Character: The Spirit of Swan Goose -- Indomitable Collaborative Self-discipline Organized

Mission: Enable auto industry growth with distinctive financial services

Vision: To be the most preferred auto-financing company with convenient, efficient, reliable, and comprehensive service

Core Value: Clients First, Teamwork, Improvement and innovation, Integrity and Honesty, Initiative and Commitment

Development Strategies for Future

Since its inception, GAC-Sofinco’s business has rapidly covered 296 cities across the country. It has signed retail and wholesale cooperation agreements with more than 2,300 GAC-Honda, GAC-Toyota, GAC-Motor, GAC-FCA and GAC Mitsubishi dealerships. It created many industry miracles with an indomitable spirit. GAC-Sofinco has won the Award of The Risk Data and Analytics Technology Implementation of the Year from Asia Banker in 2016 and it was crowned the Most Potential Auto Finance Company in 2016 and the Most Competitive Automotive Finance Company in 2017 and other titles.

Looking into the future, customer-oriented GAC-Sofinco is committed to becoming the top financial provider for all GAC brands with six strategic pillars: 1. Expanding product range, enhancing marketing capabilities to better satisfy dealers, car makers and end-users' needs; 2. Further improving risk control and efficiency with smart risk control policies and excellent operational performance; 3. Further enhancing operational level and efficiency through digitalization and innovation; 4. Optimizing cost management and improving profitability through expanding financing channels; 5. Enhancing company efficiency, delivery quality and agility through localized management; 6. Further enhancing the overall competitiveness of the Company by developing human capital.

Corporate Strategies for Talents

GAC-Sofinco will provide you with various guarantees in terms of human resources management:

Work Environment: Super Grade A office buildings, modern, stylish and comfortable office environment

Fair and Standardized Recruitment: Recruitment principles that uphold both ability and integrity, equal competition, and selection of the best.

A Full Range of Internal and External Training: Providing a full range of internal and external training, including orientation, training on professional expertise and know-how, general ability, management leadership, etc. to help employees improve and develop continuously.

Wider Spectrum of Career Opportunities: The Company provides employees with a two-channel development path of management and professional expertise, as well as necessary cross-departmental horizontal learning opportunities; guides and helps employees plan their career development to achieves common progress and sustainable development of both the employees and the Company.

Competitive Salary and Benefits: Basic salary, thirteenth salary, variable pay, seniority pay, various types of subsidies, Endowment Insurance, Maternity Insurance, Medical Insurance, Employment Injury Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Housing Fund and Supplementary Medical Insurance, canteen subsidies covering breakfast and lunch, labor union welfare and care, business annual leave, annual medical check-up, team building expenses, etc. Regular comparison with the salary data of the automotive financial industry to maintain salary and benefits competitiveness to attract talents.